ØVEDE TORSDAGE 19.15 - 20.45


Øvede-hold for dig der har helt styr på dine grundtrin og har danset i nogle år. Vi udlærer danse på intermediateniveau først og fremmest.

Som udgangspunkt har du som vælger dette hold evne/færdighed til relativ hurtigt at tilegne dig en ny dans efter udlæring.

Udlærte i danse sæson 22/23

I Cross My Heart - Sobrielo Philip Gene

Knock Off  - Niels Poulsen og flere -  Årsdans

Diamondback - Karl-Harry Winson

Hand me Downs - Gary O´Reilly

Give me Shivers - Julia Wetzel

Til You Can´t (recap fra sidste sæson)

We Did - Gary O.Reilly

Side by Side (recap gammel dans)

Another One bites The dust

Hold My Hand - vals


 Udlærte danse sæson 21/22:

Blinded by Beauty - Niels Poulsen

Cyper Drop - Fred Whitehouse

In Heaven - Karl-Harry Winson

Bad Habits - Maggie Gallagher

Never be that girl - Karen Hadley

Starlights - Maggie Gallagher

Wintergreen - maggie Gallagher

Angeleno (recap af gammel dans)



Årsdans: Southern Dreams - Maddison Glover

One too many Neville fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Sweet Attraction - Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard & Dee Musk


Genopfrisker  i 2020/21:

California - daniel Whittaker & Jose Miguel

Don´t Hurt - Karl-Harry & Kate Sala

Nothing But You - Darren Bailey

The One You´re Waiting On - Maddison Glover










Udlærte danse sæson 2019/20:

 Yada yada yada by Kate Sala

 Get wild by Maddison Glover

 Legend by Robbie McGrowan Hickie og Karl Harry Winson

Senorita by Joshua Talbot

Music to my eyes by Derek steele & Simon Ward

Thorn in my side by Niels Poulsen

The one you´re waiting on by Maddison Glover

Danny´s song by Maddison Glover

Faithful soul by Gary O´Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Not Complicated by Michelle Risley & Larry Bass

Simply the Best by Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney

Hey Now by Gary O`Reilly

Every Light by Karl-Harry Winston 

Nothing But You By Darren Bailey






Udlært 2018/19:

The yellow and green       Alison og peter        Shotgun by George Ezra

Whiskey Lullaby               Bjarne og Ina     Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley

It´s Worth A Shot      Robbie McGrowan Hickie     Worth A Shot by Aaron Pritchett

Taps  Darren Bailey    Waiting for you by Taps

Lost in Love    Maddison Glover og Simon Ward       Already Gone - Mitchell Lee

Graffiti          Karl-Harry Winson           Never comin by keith Urban

I´ve been waiting for you  Alison Johnstone   I´ve been waiting for you                                                                                     

Clueless        Daniel Whittaker & tina Argylw   I tried Everything by Olly Murs

Who needs Mexico  Wil Bos    Who needs Mexico by Mason James

My Angel and Me  Karl.Harry Winson Hello My love  by westlife

On a Roll    Rob Fowler & Tina Argyle    On a Roll By Sugerland

California     Daniel Whittaker & Jose M.B.Vane    California by JRAFFE

Reason to Stay     Gary O`Reilly  Reasin to Stay bt Brett Young

Keep it Simple   Karl-Hary Winson & Dwight Meessen  Keep it simple by James Braker 

Small Town Summer    Karl-Harry Winson   Small town Summer by Derek Ryan.












DANSE 17/18





 14. sep 2017


 I`m not Lisa

 Alison Biggs &Peter Metelnick

 I`m not lisa by Jessi Colter

 21. sep 2017


 Morning sun & Memories

 Yvonne Anderson

 morning sun & memories by Mike Denver

 28. sep. 2017



 Francien Sittrop

 Sofia by Alvaro Soler

 5. okt.





 12. okt


 Throwback love

 Pim van Grootel osv.

 Throwback love by Meghan Trainor

 19. okt





 26. okt. 


Chill Factor

 Daniel Whittaker & Harley Westheard

 Last night by Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie

 2. nov. 



 Robbie McGrowan Hickie

 Amame by Belle Perez

 23. nov 



 Rob Fowler & Helen O`Malley

 Crucified by Bella & Filippa

 30. nov. 


 Find you

 Vivienne Scott

 Find you by Nick Jonas

 7. dec. 2017



 Kim Ray & Tina Argyle

 La Melodia by Joey Montana


 11. jan. 2018


 Alison Johnstone og Joshua Talbot

 Perfect by Ed Sheeran

 8. feb. 2018


 All the kings horses

 Alison Biggs og Peter Metelnick

 Out of Sight by Midland

 22. feb. 2018


 Hold a Candel

 Robbie McGrowan Hickie og Karl-Harry Winson

 Hold a Candle by Jesse James Decker



 Forget me not

 Pat stott

 No Gettin `over med by Ronnie Milsap

 1. marts 2018


 I Got This Too

 Kate Sala

 I Got This by Jerrod Niemann

 8. marts 2018


 No Panic

 Niels Poulsen

 Everything`s gonna be Alright by David Lee Murphy og Kenny Chesney
































udlærte danse i 2016/17






 The Queen

 Remi Lemaire

 Tilted by Christine and the Queens


 Corazone Diamante

 Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher og Gary O´Reilly

 Duele El Corazon by Enrique Iglesias


 That ain´t country

 Alexis Strong og Caroline Cooper 

 that ain´t country by Aaron Lewis


 Alibis & lying eyes

 Jane E. Davis

 Alibis by Tracy Lawrence

 27/10- 16

 Dear Friend

 Kate Sala

 Carry you home by Ward Thomas



Guillaume RICHARD

 Recovering by Celine Dion


 Grow Up

 Roy Verdonk

 Grow Up by Olly Murs







 Dwight Meesssen

 Try everything by Shakira






 One Word

 Kim Ray

 You had me by Kenny Chesney



 Rachael McEnaney-White (UK/USA), Shane McKeever (Ireland) and Niels Poulsen (Denmark

 Mamma Mia (He's Italiano) feat. Glance by Elena


 Take me to the River

 Roy Verdonk og Jonas Dahlgren

 Take me to the River by Kaleida


 Oops baby

 Cody Flowers & Rachael McEnaney

 Oops by charlie Puth






































25.feb.2016Danse 2015/16






 Tell the World

 Robbie McGrown Hickie

 Tell the world by Eric Hutchinson


 Far from the charts

 Niels Poulsen

 far from the charts by the Lennerockers


Sinatra og Chardonnay 

 Alison og Peter

 That look by       Aaron Watson



 Robbie McGrowan Hickie

 All in my head by Alvaro Estrella

 1.okt. 15

 and get it on

 daniel Trepat

 Marvin Gaye By Charlie Puth



 Alison Biggs & peter Metelnick

 Photograph            by Ed Sheeran


 Silver Lining

 Maggie Gallagher

 Silver Lining by    Kacey Musgraves 


 We only live once




 Second hand heart




 Twist and turns




 Aint micbehavin




 Suspicious minds




 I need you now




 Shut up and dance